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Sermons 2017

What Child Is This
Preached by Pastor Michael Hedley on Sunday 11th December 2016. From Hebrews 1:1-4. This years Christmas Sermon
What Child Is This Hebrews 1 1 - tp 4.MP[...]
MP3 File [33.7 MB]
Acts Chapter 23 Our Gracious God
Acts Chapter 22:30 - 23:35 Entitled Our Gracious God. By Pastor Michael Hedley on the 8th of January 2017
Acts 23 Our Gracious God.MP3
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Acts 24 Delays
Acts 24 Delays.MP3
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Acts 26 - 27
Preached by Pastor Michael Hedley on 29th January 2017
Acts 26 27.MP3
MP3 File [30.7 MB]
Overview of The Gospel of John
Preached by Pastor Michael Hedley
Introduction To Johns Gospel.MP3
MP3 File [43.5 MB]
John 1:1 - 4
Pastor Michael Hedley preaching on the Logos
John 1 1 to 4.MP3
MP3 File [47.7 MB]
John 1:5 - 13
Preached by Pastor Michael Hedley
John 1 5 - 13.MP3
MP3 File [48.3 MB]
John 1:14 - 18
Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up!
John 1 14 - 18.MP3
MP3 File [37.9 MB]
John The Baptiser
An Exposition of the Gospel of John 1 Verses 19 to 34
John 1 verses 19 to 34.MP3
MP3 File [32.1 MB]
Here Come The Disciples
John's Gospel Chapter 1 verses 35 to 51. The introduction to the disciples by Pastor Michael Hedley
John 1 35 to 51.MP3
MP3 File [38.3 MB]
Jesus Changes Water Into Wine
John Chapter 2 Verses 1 to 12.MP3
MP3 File [45.6 MB]
You Must Be Born Again Part 1
John 3 1 to 16 Preached by Pastor Michael Hedley
John 3 1 to 16.MP3
MP3 File [42.1 MB]
You Must Be Born Again Part 2
John 3:10 - 21 Preached by Pastor Michael Hedley
John 3 10 to 21.MP3
MP3 File [39.2 MB]
John 3:16 to 36
You Must Be Born Again Part 3.
John 3 16 to 36 Born Again Part 3.MP3
MP3 File [34.5 MB]
The Woman At The Well
John's Gospel from verse 1 to verse 42. The Woman At The Well
John 4 1 to 42 The Woman At The Well.MP3
MP3 File [53.4 MB]
True Worship Part 1a
John 4:20 - 24 True Worship part 1a An introduction to what is true worship. Preached on the 12th of June.
True Worship Part 1a.MP3
MP3 File [43.8 MB]
True Worship Part 1b
John 4:20 - 24. What is true worship, by Pastor Michael Hedley. Preached on the 2nd of July 2017
True Worship Part 1b.MP3
MP3 File [34.8 MB]
True Worship Part 2
Pastor Michael Hedley preaching from John's Gospel Chapter 4:20 - 24 on the meaning of true worship. Dated 16th July 2017
True Worship Part 2.MP3
MP3 File [50.7 MB]
True Worship Part 3
John 4:20 - 24. The subject of True Worship. Preached by Pastor Michael Hedley on the 23rd of July 2017
True Worship Part 3.MP3
MP3 File [45.2 MB]
True Worship Part 4
A continuing series on worshiping in Spirit and Truth and a continuing exposition of the Gospel of John 4:20 -24
True Worship Part 4.MP3
MP3 File [43.6 MB]
True Worship Part 5
A continuing exposition of John's Gospel in relation to True Worship. The most important teaching in the New Testament on what true worship is
True Worship Part 5.MP3
MP3 File [46.4 MB]
True Worship Part 6
A continuing series on what is True Worship from John 4:20 - 24
True Worship Part 6.MP3
MP3 File [39.1 MB]
True Worship Part 7
A continuing series on True Worship from John 4:20 - 24
True Worship Part 7.MP3
MP3 File [44.3 MB]
John Chapter 4 verses 43 - 45 Believe
This sermon preached by Pastor Michael Hedley about believing and unbelieving and faith
John 4 43 to 45.MP3
MP3 File [44.2 MB]
John Chapter 4 verses 46 to 54. Believe in His Name
Preached by Pastor Michael Hedley on the fullness of Christ
John 4 46 to 54.MP3
MP3 File [44.8 MB]
John Chapter 5 verses 1 to 16. The Power of False Religion
Preached by Pastor Michael Hedley. How the power of false religion can corrupt even when truth is on full display
John 5 1 to 16 The Power of false religi[...]
MP3 File [42.1 MB]
John Chapter 5 verses 21 to 30 The Most Staggering Claim Ever Made
Pastor Michael Hedley on the Power to be different
John 5 21 to 30 The Most Staggering Clai[...]
MP3 File [40.7 MB]
An Overview of our Church in the past 7 years
Pastor Michael & Lindsey Hedley on the 7 years of the Word of Life Church
7 Year Overview of the Church.MP3
MP3 File [28.0 MB]
John Chapter 5 Verses 31 to 47 The Credentials of Jesus
Pastor Michael Hedley. How Jesus proved by the mouth of two or three witnesses who He is
John 5 31 to 47 The Credentials of Jesus[...]
MP3 File [39.0 MB]
The Testing of Faith
From the Gospel of John Chapter 6 verses 1 - 16. The Feeding of the five thousand. By Rev Michael Hedley. Preached on Sunday 26th of November 2017
The Testing of Faith John 6 1 to 16.MP3
MP3 File [35.6 MB]
Let Jesus in the Boat
A continuing exposition of the gospel of John
Let Jesus in the boat.MP3
MP3 File [31.7 MB]
The Real Meaning of Christmas
By Rev Michael Hedley
Christmas Message.MP3
MP3 File [27.4 MB]

Sermons preached in 2017

Town Services

It was a pleasure and privilege to lead the remembrance service for the 75th Anniversary of the D Day Landings in Normandy on the 6th of June.  A very moving and emotional service.

It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to offer a blessing on the Town Council's New £209,000 play park in the People's Park.  On Friday 7th June.

Baptism Service

On Saturday 18th of May Ayanfe Gdabebo, Haydn Bell and Sharon Delaney all went through the waters of baptism.  The event was held at Bedlington Trinity Church, followed by a celebration tea at Word of Life WRU Church.


We had a wonderful time in the presence of God, where three new Christians went through the waters of baptism.  Haydn shared his testimony which had many of us in tears. Pictures of the event will be uploaded soon. 

Summer Praise

On the 6th of July, we will be holding our annual Summer Praise Event.  This is a celebration of God's glory and grace, and an opportunity to praise and worship God through song.  The event once again will be a combination of modern worship songs as well as some more traditional chorusses.


All are welcome to attend and enjoy a special evening giving all the glory to God through out praise.

Installation of Deacons Service

A wonderful service was held in the presence of God on Sunday 17th March 2019 to install three deacons into the church.


Graham and Valerie Baldwin and (Toks) Olaronke Ashiru Gbadebo were installed as new church deacons.  They agreed to serve as deacons in the church providing assistance to the ruling elders in pastoral visits, maintenance of the church building and serving in general so that the church can properly function.


Photographs of the service are displayed below:

Christian Retreat

Our Mission House next door to the Church is available for bookings to stay for 1 to 30 nights.  The house is used as a Christain retreat, and we can offer a wide range of support programmes during your stay with us.  


From Bible Teaching - various topics - to Worship Leading - to dance as a form of worship, prayer and a range of other activities.


We are based on the wonderful panoramic Northumberland coastline which is literally 5 minutes drive away, but also have access to the beautiful Northumbrian Countryside and Cheviot hills which are only 30 minutes drive.


Pleas see our Mission House Christian Retreat Section on this website, or visit our Mission House Retreat page on facebook.

Wedding Service

Our first registered wedding service took place in the church on October the 12th 2018.  The Couple Ian Sidney Wales married Linda Airey.  Linda has attended our coffee mornings for over two years, and Sid has known Michael for many years.


The couple were pronounced man and wife after a beautiful service delivered by Rev Michael Hedley, the signing of the registars was overseen by Lindsey who is the appointed person for wedding services for the church.  The wedding was attended by family and friends and they then had a function at the White House Club following the service.  We wish them all of God's blessing and favour upon their marriage.  Photographs of the service are below.

Harvest Supper

We held an Ashington Churches Together Harvest Supper in the Church on the 15th of October where £73.00 was raised for the local Wansbeck Food Bank.


The evening began with prayer, Psalm 65 verses 6 - 11 which talks about God supplying everything that we need in order that we can have a harvest


A local folk group called the "Canny Lads" were the entertainment for the night, along with a wonderful variety of food, and drinks.  The evening closed with all 53 of us singing How Great is our God, and Rev Michael closing in prayer.  Phoyographs of the event are below:

Verse for Today

Romans 8:35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?  Shall tribulation, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?


The answer to the question posed by the Apostle Paul here is that even though we are battered by the world system with trials, with problems seemingly of great magnitude.  Nothing absolutely nothing shall separate us from Christ Jesus.  He is with us through the midst of our troubles.  So never let anyone tell you that your prayer life or your Christian walk isnt right because you've got a few problems.  Jesus still and always will love you.

Word of Life Mission House

Our Mission House, of 73 North Seaton Road, the annexe to the church has now been completed.


We are using the building for a variety of things such as a Christian retreat, where specific programmes can be tailored for each group of people staying.  Examples of the type of programmes we will be delivering, will be Leading Worship, Prayer, and a wide range of other Christian Programmes.


While staying here visitors can use it to be simply a place of rest, meditation and prayer, or take part in the church programmes, or take part in a specially designed retreat bespoke programme.


We will also be using the venue for Debt Management, helping those in need, as well as music lessons, job searching and basic IT programmes.


We are very excited about this development, and if you require any further information, please contact us either by email or by telephone on 07879253072 or 07854 820012.  The cost for staying here is £30.00 per night.  Donations are also welcome.

Friday Diner

Our Friday Diner at church is on the last Friday  of every month from 12:00 till 2:00pm.  Soup and sandwiches and a range of other hot meals will be available for each of the coming months.  This is an outreach for those who may be lonely, or who maybe are just in need of company.  There is no charge for the food but donations are welcomed. All donations from this monthly event go to Arab World Ministries Yemen


Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever


Hebrews 13:8


This is not just breaking news, it is the news from yesterday, today and tomorrow and guess what?  It is forever.  Hallelujah!!!!!




Contact us at:


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