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Catherine Drabble's Testimony

This is part of my testimony that I shared in Church at our Sharing Service.  I hope that you are blessed.  Catherine Drabble


I was sat inside a cage; a prison cell measuring about ten feet by five.  There were bars all around me and a barred door on one side so I could clearly see out into a bright, light world outside.  The ground outside my prison cell was covered in golden yellow sand, and I realised that I was in a desert with nothing but sand dunes for as far as my eyes could see.


I was sat hunched up on a little stool and surrounding me were bags and bags of dirty overflowing smelly rubbish.  I could see steam rising from them, filling the air with a terrible stench.  It was the odour of hurt, un-forgiveness, and guilt and everything else that eats down to the very core of us if allowed to grow.  It was the aroma of sin, my sin and the sin of those people that I hadn't been able to forgive.


The strange thing was I seemed to be quite content for a while, sat there amongst all the trash.  I was used to my life the way it was.  It was comfortable and in a peculiar way it had become my security blanket.  I felt safe in my cell; the scary bit was outside in the big wide world.


Then I looked up and saw Jesus appear on the outside of my prison bars and the realisation hit me that although I was comfortable here, it wasn't where Jesus was.


Jesus stood outside my prison door, looking at me.  Then He pulled back the big heavy bolt that was keeping me locked in.  There was no key, just a bolt that I could have easily drawn back myself but I had chosen not to.  He then stood back and waited.  I remained seated, thinking He'll rescue me!  


But Jesus just stood there looking at me and waiting.  Then it dawned on me that He had already rescued me.  He had died on a cross and given everything so that I could be free.  Yet, I was still trapped inside this prison because I hadn't fully grasped that freedom was there for the taking.  He had given me a fantastic gift and I had accepted it, but I hadn't unwrapped it.  It was now up to me to remove myself from the situation I was in.  I needed to be pro-active in accepting my freedom.


So I stood up and taking one last look around I walked up to the door and pushed it open.  It opened easily.  I walked outside towards Jesus.  Then we both looked in through the bars of my cell in the desert, full of dirty old rubbish, the rubbish I was now turning my back on.  I turned and walked away, with Jesus walking at my side.  We walked up a steep dune with the grains of sand slipping beneath my feet, threatening to make me slip and slide back down, but with Jesus there at my side I stayed upright and strong and continued walking forward.


As I looked ahead to the horizon the light began to change and I was filled with expectancy, not knowing what was on the other side of the hill but knowing that because I was walking with Jesus, it was going to be wonderful and beautiful.  The promise was there.  


After a while we stopped and looked back down the hill together.  My prison cell could still be seen in the distance.  It hadn't disappeared but because I had walked so far with Jesus, my cell and all of its contents had become insignificant in the landscape.  Jesus wasn't going to make me forget, He wasn't going to allow my memories to be erased.  It was up to me to walk away from my past and its memories.  I realised that it is not how we fall, that God is concerned with, it's how we get up that matters to Him.


I am a new person, my past is forgiven and everything is new.


Best Wishes



Church Services Re-Starting

The Word of Life WRU Church has opened its doors since June 15th for private and individual prayer.


But from Sunday July the 5th we recommenced our Sunday Services. with Praise & Worship led by Pastors Michael & Lindsey; with no congregational singing for the time being.  Prayer was congregational and   Holy Communion was taken together.  A sermon was  preached.  We are still  broadcasting the service live on our Facebook live page for those who cannot attend the service.


It was wonderful to see everyone together again and we look forward to the coming weeks ahead when everyone will be able to join with us.


From Tuesday 14th July at 10:30am we will be holding our prayer group again.


From Friday 17th July from 10:30 am we will be holding our coffee morning again.


Social distancing measures are in place and hand sanitising measures are at all entry and exit points.  Also at all events we must sign in so that in order that we can comply with COVID 19 track and trace regulations.


God bless

Pastors Michael & Lindsey Hedley

Creativity In The Community

Now that the lockdown measures are being relaxed the  Word of Life WRU Church are pleased to announce that Phil and Catherine Drabble have been given funding through Awards For All for a Creativity in the Community Project.


This project will be based in our Church building, and will explore creative writing, photography, upcycling of furniture and a range of other creative subjects. This project will be on Wednesday Evening and Thursday Morning and is open to all who would like to explore learning new skills in the arts and crafts environment.


If you would like to take part in this please contact us at the Church or Phil and Catherine

Church Services Update

Every Sunday we are continuing to live stream our Sunday services from 10:30 am till 12:00.  This is being streamed through facebook live on our facebook Word of Life WRU Church page.  We have secured a live stream licence, and a music reproduction licence which allows us to broadcast songs of various Christian artists that are named within the database of CCLI.  This means we will be singing our praises to God together, sharing communion together and Pastor Michael will continue to share his sermons live through facebook live.  If you miss that live feed then they will appear on our church facebook page, and they will also be uploaded onto our Word of Life Whatsapp page as well.


Twice weekly in the evening around 6pm, we will also deliver a short message and a prayer on facebook which is pre-recorded, t God bless and lots of love from Pastors Michael and Lindsey Hedley

Completion of Theology Training

It is with great pleasure to announce that Pastor Lindsey Hedley has completed her Theology Training Course.  Her certificate was presented by Pastor Michael at our Sunday Service.  Lindsey has gained so much from doing this course and has been truly blessed by completing it, gaining a great understanding of our awesome God and His Word.

Overseas Mission Project for 2019 -20

The new project for the Wesleyan Reform Union's Overseas Mission Department will this year be to raise £9,000 for a new Cystoscope machine for the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara in Madagscar.  All funds that the Word of Life Church raise this year from our Diner's will go towards that fund.  If you would like to donate to this worthy cause please contact Pastor Lindsey and she will assist you in making your donation.  God Bless.

Christian Retreat

Our Mission House next door to the Church is available for bookings to stay for 1 to 30 nights.  The house is used as a Christain retreat, and we can offer a wide range of support programmes during your stay with us.  


From Bible Teaching - various topics - to Worship Leading - to dance as a form of worship, prayer and a range of other activities.


We are based on the wonderful panoramic Northumberland coastline which is literally 5 minutes drive away, but also have access to the beautiful Northumbrian Countryside and Cheviot hills which are only 30 minutes drive.


Pleas see our Mission House Christian Retreat Section on this website, or visit our Mission House Retreat page on facebook.


Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever


Hebrews 13:8


This is not just breaking news, it is the news from yesterday, today and tomorrow and guess what?  It is forever.  Hallelujah!!!!!




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