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Gordon Brown

My name is Gordon Brown.  I’m sixty years of age, was born in 1958 and have worked as a builder for over 40 years.  I have been married twice and have two grown up daughters as well as two wonderful granddaughters.


Before becoming a born-again Christian I tried to do everything myself and for myself.  I tried to control every event and situation in my life, but just always messed things up and in the process hurt a lot of people along the way including myself.


My first marriage ended after 18 years due to differences and indifferences.  However I am now happily married to my second wife Margaret, who is the love of my life and whom I love dearly.  We have been together now for 15 years.


I became a born again Christian in July 2017, thanks to the persistence of a very dear Christian friend of mine; Nancy Hudson.  Nancy has been witnessing to me for many years, so I thank her for her continual witness that has now changed my life.


I walked through the doors of the Word of Life WRU Church in August 2017, where I was welcomed with open arms into my new loving family.  What a wonderful feeling it is to know that I have an awesome God and new adopted Christian family members.


I am amazed to know how much God is and has always been in control of my life and I want to tell people that they only have to ask Him into your life to find out what I have found.


I went through the waters of Baptism in October 2017 at the Holy Trinity Church in Bedlington, and this was a very emotional day.  After all of these years of being mixed up and messed up, I have given my life completely into the arms of Jesus.  I came up from under the water, a new creation in Jesus (wonderful).


I have changed such a lot since then in such a short time with Jesus and it’s all been through Him that my life has now so much meaning.  I am now no more looking for the next car, motorbike or object or possession to fill the void that was once in my life as Jesus fills my whole life.  I feel content and loved as a person like never before.  (Glory to the King of Kings)


Work and pleasures were all I thought about, but through Jesus, I have become a more caring and considerate person and I just want to serve the Lord our awesome Saviour.


I am far from perfect and I still make lots of mistakes, but the Lord picks me up and puts me back on the right track.  He has untold and eternal love and always forgives our sins.  I am learning so much at our Sunday services, the foundation class and the Bible studies at the Church.


So if you are reading this testimony and find yourself spiritually searching, because you can’t seem to sort your life out, then give your life to Jesus and He will change your life as He has mine.  You can only gain and improve your life situation if you let Him into your situation.


Lots of love and God Bless


Gordon Brown

Word of Life Mission House

We are almost nearing completion of our Mission House, of 73 North Seaton Road, the building adjacent to the Church.  We are excited to announce that this annexe to the building will be utilised for many community outreach programmes.


It will also be a place of Christian retreat, where specific programmes can be tailored for each group of people staying.  Examples of the type of programmes we will be delivering, will be Leading Worship, Prayer, and a wide range of other Christian Programmes.


We will also be using the venue for Healthy Eating and living healthily on a budget, as well as music lessons, photography lessons; job searching and basic IT programmes.


We are very excited about this development, and if you require any further information, please contact us either by email or by telephone on 07879253072 or 07854 820012

Nigerian Evening

We held a Nigerian Evening in the Church on Saturday the 17th of February.  A wonderful night of Nigerian Worship, Culture, food and fellowship was had by all, led by the Akinsola Family.  Pictures below.


Friday Diner

Our Friday Diner at church is on the last Friday  of every month from 12:00 till 2:00pm.  Soup and sandwiches and a range of other hot meals will be available for each of the coming months.  This is an outreach for those who may be lonely, or who maybe are just in need of company.  There is no charge for the food but donations are welcomed.

Pastor Michael's Ordination Service

The ordination service of Rev Michael Hedley took place on Saturday the 25th of November 2017.  It was led by Phil Hartshorn the WRU President of 2017/18, with input from Rev Ian Fall chair of the ministerial committee.  It was a wonderful day for all concerned.  A very special privelege that this service was delivered in our home church and not as it is usually done at conference.  Thanks to all who participated and a heartfelt thanks for the wonderful gifts that you have given us both


Reverend Michael & Lindsey Hedley.

Gordon Brown's Baptism

Once again this year it was a great priviledge for our rapidly growing Church Family to witness yet another baptism.  Gordon gave his life to Jesus in July earlier this year and he went through the waters of baptism at Bedlington Trinity Church.  A fantastic time was had by all and we truly rejoice that his life is now heading in a new Holy Spirit filled direction.

Baptism Service

We held a Baptism Service on Saturday May 27th at Bedlington Trinity Church for Caroline Taylor who joined our fellowship earlier this year.  We had a wonderful time in God's presence and the service went so well.  Pictures of the event are below this text.


Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever


Hebrews 13:8


This is not just breaking news, it is the news from yesterday, today and tomorrow and guess what?  It is forever.  Hallelujah!!!!!




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