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Ray Martin's Testimony

I was brought up in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, in a non-Christian family, my father died when I was quite young and my mother raised us with very little help.  I have five brothers and five sisters, how she did it I don’t know, but I had a very happy childhood.  Christmas was a very special time for me, we couldn’t afford much, but mam always managed to fill our stockings, my sisters were all older than me and made it such a special time for us.  So I grew up loving Christmas, at school I was told about God and the meaning of Christmas, so it is not surprising that I always knew that there was something or someone better in this world, someone that I knew would always look out for me – the mysterious Lord. 


We lived in a council house in the 1950’s and had an outside toilet, it was the bane of my life as I was frightened of the dark.  In the wintery dark nights it was a haunt of monsters and ‘bogey men’ I used to ask my younger brother Ronnie to wait at the door, keeping it open, but he always scarpered and the door would close and the shadows would come to life.  In desperation I taught myself a little prayer, “Lord save me from all unknown dangers and dangers I cannot face,”   I kid you not, the fear left me, and the toilet wasn’t as dark – I could see!  I prayed that prayer for years, it was almost a mantra, until the fear of the dark left me.  Many years later when I was in my forties, I was on my knees next to the bed in tears, God had blessed me so much that day, I was asking Him why – “why was He being so good to me – I must have done something wonderful to deserve all this?”  His answer was simple, He said “God save me from all unknown dangers” and we finished it together, “and dangers I cannot face.”  He was telling me that He had heard the frightened prayer of a bairn in a dark toilet of a council house in a little village on the Northumbrian Coast – Praise Him. 

Looking back I can with hindsight see how much The Lord watched over me, He never gave up on me.  I married and lived in Scarborough for some years, had two children, a boy and a girl.  I really forgot about God, then in 1980 my marriage failed and I found myself down south in London Colney missing my wife and children terribly.  Marriage breakup is awful, you really despise yourself, inevitably you blame yourself.  I used to wake up with the sound of my children’s laughter ringing in my ears only to find that they weren’t there, it was like waking  into a nightmare – I just wanted it to end.  This went on for weeks, I was dying by inches, in desperation I found an old Gideon New Testament that I had been given at school and it fell open at Psalm 34:18 “The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart.”  I thought to myself “I must qualify for this,” and He was there immediately and picked me up like a little child and comforted me.  I was with Him for two weeks and he tapped me on the head and sent me back into the world, it took me six years, six long years to find my way back to Him. 

Six years later I was a student in Finchale College in Durham,  I was searching and an Apostolic Pastor called Ian Meldrum had taken me under his wing.  I was on fire for The Lord, but I was really frustrated, I had been trying to get myself ready for salvation, I was stopping drinking and gambling and all the other things which were holding me back – well I was trying to.  But it wasn’t working, I was failing miserably.  Anyway Easter 1988 was fast approaching and I decided to have a weekend down in Scarborough to see my kids.  Good Friday found me in a little Anglican church in Eastfield with my little lad,  I found myself standing looking at a picture window showing Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross for Jesus, the church was empty and I can remember whispering “I wish I had been there for you Lord.”  The very next Sunday I was walking the eight miles from the college to the church in Easington Lane, it was a beautiful day and as I walked I chatted away to The Lord, I had an ‘epiphany’ I asked Him if He would take me just the way I was, with all my lumps and bumps, - I had finally asked Him the right question. 

Arriving at church, it was packed, and I was beginning to get butterflies.  I sat down and the speaker was introduced, a fellow from Darlington called Goundry.  He stood up and immediately began to say how much he was looking forward to the service because God had told him someone was going to get saved.  He went on to tell us that the subject he was speaking on was Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross for Jesus. That was all the confirmation that I needed, boy, did I want to get out of there, panic was setting in, the thought of standing up in front of all those people was terrifying.  He preached the sermon and asked for anyone to come forward to receive Jesus – I was rooted to the spot, he appealed again and I felt terrible, I had waited all these months and was going to miss my chance, then the thought came to me, that there would be a time of prayer and the elders usually asked for people to put up their hands when everyone else had their eyes closed and they would speak to them after the meeting.  You know that I had no sooner thought of this way out, when Mr Goundry spoke up, “God is telling me that He doesn’t want this man putting up his hand, He wants him down here at the front”  I wasn’t feeling at all well, I was so sure that after all this time I had waited and strove I was going to miss my chance.  Then the speaker said the words, “Simon of Cyrene was the wrong Simon to carry the cross for Jesus, it should have been Simon Peter, he missed his chance, don’t you!”  I was released, it was wonderful, the fear left and I floated down to the front, The Father smiled at me and I have never looked back.   

I took my degree in Biblical Theology at Mattersey and went into Christian work with a mission to the armed forces called Sandes, then I was manager at a Christian Retreat centre in Scotland (Kilravock Castle)  Life for a Christian is so exciting. 

Since becoming a Christian I have wondered how I managed without Jesus in my life, the answer is badly,  He’s wonderful, awesome and new every morning, look at the world,  Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Scottish Nationalism, its frightening, so much evil in the world, with God Father, Son and Holy Ghost “The things of Earth do grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. Praise Him! 


Toddler Group

We are commencing a new Parent Toddler Group in the church in Ashington starting on Thursday 5th October  This will be held on every Thursday morning apart from School holidays from 10:30 - 12:00.



Ashington Churches Together 24 Hour Prayer Event

We had the privelege of hosting the Ashington Churches Together 24 hour Prayer Event which began on the 29th of September from 12:00 noon through till Saturday 30th September 12|:00 noon.  The Church was open to anyone to come and pray.  We spent most of the day praying for God to transform our community.  Wait and watch and see what God does.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

We held a MacMillan Coffee Morning on the 29th of September, and raised a sum of £90.00.  Thank you to all who supported us and donated various gifts including cakes, soup and many other things.  God bless

Summer Fayre

We held a Summer Fayre Event in the church on Friday 11th of August which was extremely successful, we raised £200 pounds which funded the purchase of some new musical instruments for the church  

Summer Praise Event

Word of Life Church held a Summer Praise event on July the 29th.  This was a wonderful opportunity to come together and worship our Awesome God in Spirit and Truth.


It was truly a fantastic evening of one and a half hours of praise and worship and following that we had a wonderful time of fellowship over supper of which we would like to thank all who brought something along to share.


We are looking forward to an Autumn Praise Event and then Our Christmas Praise Event.  Look out for dates for these events.

Camera Club Exhibition

Ashington Camera Club held its Annual Exhibition of their photography work in our church during the week from Tuesday 20th till Saturday 24th of June. 


This was a really well attended event with prints sold.  Many people came into the church who had never been in before. The Camera Club stated that they had been looked after better than ever before and are looking to repeat the event next year.  

Baptism Service

We held a Baptism Service on Saturday May 27th at Bedlington Trinity Church for Caroline Taylor who joined our fellowship earlier this year.  We had a wonderful time in God's presence and the service went so well.  Pictures of the event are below this text.

Mission House

The property adjacent to our church number 73 North Seaton Road which is currently a dwelling house and in need of refurbishment can now be utilised as The Word of Life Mission House.


Work will begin soon to refurbish the building ready for it to be used for our outreach programmes.

Parent Toddler Group

During the summer we received some wonderful news.  Melissa McDonald from the local Co-op walks by our church to get to work and saw our sign for the group.  The Guide Post Co-op sponsor a local community group and raise funds each month through the year.  They chose our Toddler Group to support during the summer holidays. They placed buckets for collections on their till areas and held a Cake and Tombola stall and are also holding a sponsored 12 mile walk to raise further funds for the group.  


Melissa asked what we needed and they then set about raising funds.  They have so far donated a range of painting and play-do materials, desks and chairs as well as a host of other play materials for our group.  


They are also donating tea, coffee buscuits and a range of other things to the group.  We have been truly blessed by Melissa McDonald and all the staff, customers families and friends at Guide Post Co-op for their wonderful efforts in raising funds for our group.  A Big Thank You to all at the co-op for their efforts. God Bless.


The picture below is Lindsey and I with Melissa receiving the gifts donated so far.  


The Toddler group meets every tuesday at Guide Post WRU Church between 10:30am and 12:00 noon. 

Coffee Morning

Word of Life Church combined with WRU Guide Post hold a weekly coffee morning every wednesday from 10:30 - 12:00 at Guide Post Church and Friday 10:30 - 12:00 at our Ashington Church. Free Coffee, Tea (including speciality teas), cold drinks, cakes, savouries, and biscuits are available.  All are welcome.  Pictures of the  two halls are below

Ashington Coffee Morning Room
Guide Post WRU Coffee Morning Hall


Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever


Hebrews 13:8


This is not just breaking news, it is the news from yesterday, today and tomorrow and guess what?  It is forever.  Hallelujah!!!!!




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