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Sue Farr's Testimony

Sue Farr: Church Founding Member

I went to Sunday School from a very early age, I was confirmed in the Church of England.  No - one else in my family attended church.


Not until I went to a Scripture Union at school did I realise church didn't have to be stuffy, boring and full of tradition.  Not long after I started attending a newly formed church called Crossroads Church, and I became a Christian at the age of 15 and was baptised at 17.


After I attended college I helped at a Christian retreat for a month it was here (although I didn't realise at the time) that I would meet my future husband.  After this I worked around the country as a youth worker in a childrens home, then I worked in a home caring for the elderly.


When I left there I met Mike my husband who was also a Christian and after we married we moved back to the Christian Retreat in the castle where we had earlier met.


At this point the castle was not run by Christians, but my hsuband was in charge of a large team of workers employed by the owner.


We started to drift more and more away from the Christian life and the more we drifted from the Lord, there was so much evil happening within the building, we were led deeper and deeper into what I can only now describe as a swamp of sin.  We didn't realise just how far we had sunk.  If I hadn't got out of there my only options would have been prison, a mental hospital or death.  I was so close to all of those three, but God had a plan and a purpose for my life which at the time I couldn't see.


I thought that things couldn't get any worse, how wrong I was!


In the next 18 months


My mum had a brain hemmorage

My dad died at age 63

The castle we worked in burned down after a huge fire, we lost everything we had, nothing was insured and we had to live in an old caravan.

My mother in law died

My father in law died

Three days after this my husband Mike died

My brother and I both lost our jobs.  We had no home, no possessions and had lost nearly all of our loved ones.


Before the fire my husband had put in his life insurance so we could buy a house, where we could both live and change our life styles.  We had planned to go back to church get our lives in order and walk our dogs on a beach.  When he died 7 years ago my mum, myself and our three English Setter dogs moved back north.


I went back to Crossroads Church and God started to put me back together again, healing my from the inside out.  I rededicated my life to Him.


I thank the Lord so much that He is so full of grace and mercy, and that He took me back as a prodigal daughter.


God had been giving me plenty of chances to come back to Him prior to these things happening and I ignored Him.  When the fire and all the other tragedies happened, this was my way back.


I now attend the Word of Life Church and my faith is growing stronger each day.  All I want is to live more and more like Jesus every day, to be an effective witness and to help people find Jesus and the joy, hope, peace and comfort that knowing Him brings.  My aim is heaven and to help as many people on earth as I can in my time here to aim for heaven.


This life isn't without it's difficulties and trials but as I go through each battle, He teaches me to trust more and more in Him rather than in the things of the world.


One of the many wonderful things that has happened is that my mum has recently given her life to Jesus and I thank God so much for that and the joy he gives me each day seeing her grow in Him


My past is gone, my present is wonderful and the future looks so exciting.  I cant wait!!!


If you want to know this wonderful Jesus, follow the prayer on the home page of our website and let Him into your life and watch Him change you as he has me.


God bless



Women Of Action

Our new Women of Action group commenced in January of this year.  Aiming for the women of the church to build each other up spiritually and to reachout into the community around us to ensure that the Gospel message is heard and understood.  The group is facilitated by Sue Farr and the meetings are held monthly, generally on the last friday of the month with a few exceptions.

Good Friday Service

We are holding a Good Friday Service at our Church  commencing from 11:00am till 1:00pm, this is for the free churches in Ashington.  Hot drinks will be served prior to the start of the meeting.  Worship and the Word will then be delivered.

Nigerian Evening

We held a Nigerian Evening in the Church on Saturday the 17th of February.  A wonderful night of Nigerian Worship, Culture, food and fellowship was had by all, led by the Akinsola Family.  Pictures below.


Friday Diner

Our Friday Diner at church is on the last Friday  of every month from 12:00 till 2:00pm.  Soup and sandwiches and a range of other hot meals will be available for each of the coming months.  This is an outreach for those who may be lonely, or who maybe are just in need of company.  There is no charge for the food but donations are welcomed.

Lent Services

The Lent Services this year will be our own in the church for six weeks starting from Thursday the 15th of February, from 6 till 7.  We will be focussing upon the Beattitudes for the six week period.  Rev Michael Hedley and Pastor Ayodeji Akinsola will be sharing the teaching over these six weeks.

Pastor Michael's Ordination Service

The ordination service of Rev Michael Hedley took place on Saturday the 25th of November 2017.  It was led by Phil Hartshorn the WRU President of 2017/18, with input from Rev Ian Fall chair of the ministerial committee.  It was a wonderful day for all concerned.  A very special privelege that this service was delivered in our home church and not as it is usually done at conference.  Thanks to all who participated and a heartfelt thanks for the wonderful gifts that you have given us both


Reverend Michael & Lindsey Hedley.

Deji Akinsola

We welcome back once again our great friend and brother in Christ Pastor Ayodeji Akimsola as he went back to Nigeria to minister at his home Church, the Charis Family International Church in Basorun.  He has now returned to the UK to our church and it is lovely to see him again.  We are planning a Nigerian worship, food and fellowship night on the 17th of February.

Gordon Brown's Baptism

Once again this year it was a great priviledge for our rapidly growing Church Family to witness yet another baptism.  Gordon gave his life to Jesus in July earlier this year and he went through the waters of baptism at Bedlington Trinity Church.  A fantastic time was had by all and we truly rejoice that his life is now heading in a new Holy Spirit filled direction.

Toddler Group

We have commenced a new Parent Toddler Group in the church in Ashington starting on Thursday 5th October  The Tiny Rainbows Toddler Group is held on every Thursday morning apart from School holidays from 10:30 - 12:00.



Baptism Service

We held a Baptism Service on Saturday May 27th at Bedlington Trinity Church for Caroline Taylor who joined our fellowship earlier this year.  We had a wonderful time in God's presence and the service went so well.  Pictures of the event are below this text.

Mission House

The property adjacent to our church number 73 North Seaton Road which is currently a dwelling house and in need of refurbishment can now be utilised as The Word of Life Mission House.


Work will begin soon to refurbish the building ready for it to be used for our outreach programmes.


Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever


Hebrews 13:8


This is not just breaking news, it is the news from yesterday, today and tomorrow and guess what?  It is forever.  Hallelujah!!!!!




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