Sermons 2019

Revelation 9 All Hell Breaks Loose
The grace of God amidst judgement, by Rev Michael Hedley on the 26th January 2020
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Healing and Wholeness
Preached by Rev Michael Hedley on the 29th of December 2019
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We Three Kings
Preached by Rev Michael Hedley on the 3rd Sunday of Advent 2019
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The Birth of Christ
Preached by Rev Michael Hedley on the 2nd Sunday of Advent 2019
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The Lineage of Jesus Christ
Preached by Rev Michael Hedley on the 1st Sunday of advent 2019
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The 144,000 by Rev Michael Hedley Revelation Chapter 7
The 144000 Rev 7.MP3
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The Seven Sealed Scroll by Rev Michael Hedley Revelation Chapter 6
The Seven Sealed Scroll Rev 6.MP3
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The Throne of God by Rev Michael Hedley Revelation chapter 5
The Throne of God Rev 5.MP3
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Plan Purpose and Provision by Pastor Lindsey Hedley
Plan Purpose Provision LH.MP3
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A Taste of Heaven by Rev Michael Hedley Revelation Chapter 4
A Taste of Heaven Rev 4.MP3
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The Church In Laodicea by Rev Michael Hedley Rev 3
The Church in Laodicea.MP3
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The Church in Philadelphia by Rev Michael Hedley
The Church In Philidelphia.MP3
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The Revelation to the Church in Sardis - The Dead Church
By Rev Michael Hedley
The Dead Church in Sardis.MP3
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The Revelation to the Church in Thyatira
By Rev Michael Hedley
The Revelation to Thyatira.MP3
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The Revelation to the Church in Pergamos
By Rev Michael Hedley
The Revelation to Pergamos.MP3
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The Church in Smyrna
By Rev Michael Hedley
THe Church in Smyrna.MP3
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The Church That Lost Its First Love - Ephesus
By Rev Michael Hedley
Ephesus the Church that lost its first l[...]
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The Beginning of the End
Revelation Chapter 1 by Rev Michael Hedley
The Beginning of the end.MP3
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A Lightning Fast Tour Through Revelation
A brief overview of the book of Revelation. BY Rev Michael Hedley
A Quick Tour Through revelation.MP3
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Ephesians - A Continuing Study
Rev Michael Hedley
MP3 File [30.4 MB]
Ephesians - A Continuing Study
Rev Michael Hedley
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Ephesians - A Continuing Study
Rev Michael Hedley
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Ephesians - A Continuing Study
Rev Michael Hedley
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Ephesians - A Continuing Study
Rev Michael Hedley
MP3 File [36.2 MB]
Ephesians - A Continuing Study
Rev Michael Hedley
MP3 File [35.4 MB]
Ephesians - A Continuing Study
By Rev Michael Hedley
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The darkness of the mind Ephesians 4:17 - 21
Preached by Rev Michael Hedley
The darkness of the mind Ephesians 4 17 [...]
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What's Your Gift? Ephesians 4 11 - 13
Preached by Rev Michael Hedley
What's Your Gift Ephesians 4 11 - 15.MP3
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Getting the Saints to Go Marching In
Ephesians 4 11 - 12 by Rev Michael Hedley
Getting the Saints to March Ephesians 4 [...]
MP3 File [43.8 MB]
The Churchs Building & Maintenance Service Ephesians 4
The Church's Building Maintenance Servi[...]
MP3 File [36.8 MB]
Why The Church Exists Ephesians 4:1 - 3
Preached By Rev Michael Hedley on the 3rd of February 2019
Why the Church Exists 3rd.MP3
MP3 File [45.1 MB]
How Prayer Works Ephesians 3:17 - 22
Preached by Rev Michael Hedley 20th Jan 2019
How Prayer Works 20th Jan 2019.MP3
MP3 File [40.3 MB]
Ephesians 3 7 to 13 Secret Riches In Christ
Preached by Reverend Michael Hedley on Sunday the 13th of January 2019
Ephesians 3 7 to 13 Secret Riches.MP3
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Ephesians 3:1 - 6 The Greatest Mystery
Preached by Reverend Michael Hedley on the 6th of January 2019.
Ephesians 3 1 to 6 The Greatest Mystery.[...]
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Growing the Church 2019
Reverend Michael Hedley sharing a message for the New Year of 2019. Various Scriptures
2019 Growing The Church.MP3
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Church Re-Opening

The Word of Life Church are open for Sunday Services following the latest government guidelines to ensure we are Covid Compliant, with the wearing of face masks, hand sanitisers in place and social distancing measures in place to protect everyone attending the services. 


We now have our coffee mornings re-opened and our monthly Diner, which is open to everyone.  Prayer Meetings are now fully re-opened in the Church but Bible Studies will continue on Zoom until September where we will decide upon which will be the right forum, it could possible be a mixture of Zoom and in church attendance for the Bible Study.


We look forward to July 25th, when all of our services can once again be in the Church building and we can meet freely without restrictions.


God bless.  Pastors Michael and Lindsey Hedley

Journey To Recovery

Following our successful bid to gain funding for a post-Covid journey to recovery programme, we are pleased to announce that nearly all of the courses that we originally intended to deliver are now being delivered in Church.  We had to do sone of the courses on Zoom and facebook during the lockdown and while they have been successful, we are so pleased that we can now offer these programmes in person and in Church. The funding from Allchurches Trust means we can deliver English as an Additional Language courses free of charge, healthy living courses combining exercise, healthy eating, and help with debt management, as well as basic computer literacy aimed at people who have been isolated due to having no access to technology to help them stay in touch with others. 


This comes on top of the funding sucessfully gained from All churches Trust, for the development of our upper rooms in the church to create a prayer room, better storage facilities and an arts and crafts room that CRE8 are using.  This has involved putting in a new staircase to allow better and easier access, a partition wall in the storage room, as well as painting and decorating the area.  This has been hampered somewhat in the development by the Pandemic, but is now  complete and is ready to to be  used.


Praise God for all that He is doing.

Toks' Book Launch

It was our very great privilege to attend the launch of Toks (Olaronke Ashiru Gbadebo's) book "Don't Take the Poison", on Saturday 19th September. 


We are promoting her book on our website to support her in this work and so the following is a description of the book and there are two links for you to purchase it, through Amazon and Google.


*Don't Take that Poison* is a call for anyone who desires to live a life that pleases God, and who is committed to enjoying the abundant life available in Christ. 


The book looks deeply into the issue of offences and how it impacts our lives and our ability to be fruitful. 


It provides deep insights into the purpose of relationships and different ways offences can wreak havoc. 


You will get answers to questions like:


a) What causes offences:


b) The signs of an offended heart:


c) Effects of harbouring offences:


d) The path of victory


It provides compelling answers to deep heart issues especially those that have been wounded through lifes circumstances and are struggling to let go of the wounds incurred.


The book will help to escape the poison offences brings into our lives.

Church Services Update

Even though we are now able to meet more freely and we wait with anticipation the restrictions being cancelled on the 19th of July we will still continue to live stream our Sunday services every Sunday morning from 10:30 am till 12:30.  This is being streamed through facebook live on our facebook Word of Life WRU Church page.  We have secured a live stream licence, and a music reproduction licence which allows us to broadcast songs of various Christian artists that are named within the database of CCLI.  This means we will be singing our praises to God together, sharing communion together and Pastor Michael will continue to share his sermons live through facebook live.  If you miss that live feed then they will appear on our church facebook page.

Overseas Mission Project for 2020-21

The project for the Wesleyan Reform Union's Overseas Mission Department will this year be to continue to raise funds for the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara in Madagscar.  They are building a new operating theatre and all funds that the Word of Life Church raise this year from our Diner's will go towards that fund.  If you would like to donate to this worthy cause please contact Pastor Lindsey and she will assist you in making your donation.  God Bless.

Christian Retreat

Our Mission House next door to the Church is available for bookings to stay for 1 to 30 nights.  The house is used as a Christian retreat, and we can offer a wide range of support programmes during your stay with us.  


From Bible Teaching - various topics - to Worship Leading  prayer and a range of other activities.


We are based on the wonderful panoramic Northumberland coastline which is literally 5 minutes drive away, but also have access to the beautiful Northumbrian Countryside and Cheviot hills which are only 30 minutes drive.


Pleas see our Mission House Christian Retreat Section on this website, or visit our Mission House Retreat page on facebook.


Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever


Hebrews 13:8


This is not just breaking news, it is the news from yesterday, today and tomorrow and guess what?  It is forever.  Hallelujah!!!!!




Contact us at:


Word of Life Church

Wesleyan Reform Union

North Seaton Road, Ashington Northumberland NE63 0AG

Tel: 07879253072

Lindsey 07854820012


Or use our online contact form.

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